Starting a car collection

Many of us own a car. Some of us might own two cars, so that different people in the family can have easy road access. But how many people out there own an entire collection of cars? This may sound like an unusual pursuit, but when you stop to think about how many beautiful makes of car have been manufactured over the ages, you will start to understand the appeal of car collecting.

Why people collect cars

Of course, car collectors rarely drive the vehicles in their collections: these are cars that are specifically for show. Some collectors focus on cars of a specific era, manufacturer or aesthetic style; others cast a wider net and collect cars in as broad a variety as possible.

Considerations when collecting cars

Starting a car collection may sound expensive, but this does not need to be the case. It is possible to buy relatively inexpensive vintage models from scrap dealers, so long as you do not mind the process of re-assembling a car from its parts. You cna help keep costs and storage space to a mimimum by homing in on a specific, restricted area of automobile manufacture – at first, anyway!