Raising Your Car’s Value

Strange isn’t it, you’ve just bought yourself a nice new car, and already you should be considering its resale value. There are a few things you can add to a car to increase its value, and a lot that will depreciate it when it comes to selling.

Keep it Standard:

The rule of thumb is, keep it standard. While tail fins, bonnet air-intakes, custom exhausts, and a new paint job may sound appealing, they will depreciate the trade-in value of your car like nothing else.

Add alloys if you wish, but keep the old wheels to put back on before selling. We all like to make our car that little bit different, but do it with things that can be removed before visiting the local dealership looking for a trade in price.

Service History:

A full service history will definitely add that bit extra to a trade in price. Any work you’ve had carried out, or parts changed, make sure all receipts are kept.

Small stone chips and scratches should be touched up, either by yourself or professionally. You may well regularly wash and polish your car, but investing in a professional valet, inside and out, will add to the buy appeal of the car.

Unless you’re into customising your vehicles, the best advice is, keep it as if it’s just rolled off the production line, and get the most from your car when it’s time to upgrade.