How to Store Your Car Collection

There are several investments that can be quite valuable. One great example can be a car collection. You may be an aficionado that already owns dozens of these vehicles or you could instead be considering such a collection for the future. Either way, storage is an important factor that needs to be kept in mind. So, what are some of the variables to take into account? Let’s have a closer look.

Car Movers

If you have a number of vehicles or a limited amount of space, changing the position of any car can be challenging. This is particularly relevant if you are worried about any damage occurring. A car mover from trusted companies such as Stringo is an excellent option. These units are able to handle a great deal of weight and they are provided in a number of different sizes.

Climate-Controlled Storage

You will always need to take into account the ambient conditions of the environment where the collection will be stored. If there is excess moisture or extreme temperature differences, a great deal of damage can occur over time. You should therefore consider taking advantage of a climate-controlled storage unit. Another distinct benefit is that third-party providers will normally boast a robust security system. You can therefore rest assured that all of your cars are in good hands.

Vehicle Covers

A car cover is another important accessory. It will help to protect the vehicle against any dust, water or debris that may be present. There are a number of different models and all tend to be rather amenably priced. Some of the factors to consider are the size of the cover, its porosity and if it contains any type of warranty against defects.

Tyre Pressure

If your collection is expected to remain in one place for a lengthy time period, it is wise to raise all vehicles off of the ground with jacks and lower the tyre pressure. This will help to prevent damage to the tyres. Should you wish to drive a certain car, simply increase the pressure back to the recommended level. This is also important during the colder months of the year, for pressures can vary depending upon the ambient temperature.

There are some easy do-it-yourself tips to keep your car collection safe and secure. Considering that it may be worth a great deal of money, it makes perfect sense to treat this collection like any worthwhile investment.